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Interreligious Relations

Consider enrolling in one of the programs of:

Encounter World Religions

The Value of Good Relationships

In keeping with our principles of the Worth of All, Openness, and Dialogue, we believe in healthy relationships with our neighbourhood religions.  That is best accomplished through actual exposure.  For that reason we support the efforts of Encounter World Religions, noted below, whose core programs allow groups actual exposure to the world’s great religions.

The  Problem of Distortions

We also recognize that our society contains many distortions.  These distortions diminish us all, but are particularly hurtful to the communities being targeted.  Thus one focus of this section is to address these distortions.  

We start with the Muslim community in Canada, as outlined by the left side-bar.

Muslim Relations

Correcting the Distortions.

Issue of Radicalization

Reaction to Ottawa shootings

Understanding radicalization

Addressing radicalization

Credit: Encounter World Religions