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Dialogue is the fundamental nonviolent process that can move us toward life.  While it generally involves conversation, at its deepest level it is about encounter - encounter with the Other.  Humanity needs each other, and at the same time, humanity is so diverse that some people’s worlds seem virtually incomprehensive to others.  Dialogue helps us expand our own world, and appreciate the richness contained in God’s diverse universe..

We live in a complex world.  Our essential stance is one of dialogue.  Dialogue is not a panacea - it does not mean everyone magically will want to reciprocate.  But it is our crucial stance toward life that will most help engender that God-given recognition that we are all God’s children, meant to live together in dignity and love.

Fuller guidelines on dialogue can be found at: Dialogue Guidelines  (

Credit: Wosk Dialogue Centre

Dialogue in Brief

"Be attentive,

  be intelligent,

   be responsible,

    be loving,

     and if necessary,


Bernard Lonergan