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Environmental -> Energy

Energy is a topic of concern, especially for energy resource-rich Canada, for two basic reasons: (a) We will eventually run out of any non-renewable resource being used; (b) To the extent that climate change is driven by human activity (as opposed, for instance, to the effects of the sun) our energy use and policies will impact life in the future and may have already.  While this topic has not yet been addressed by the committee, the debate around point (b) has largely been settled as indicated by the following link.  In it, Prof. Muller (Berkeley), who for years was critical of the growing scientific consensus (that climate change is human induced) due to the sloppy science, set out an extensive two year program to prove his point.  Except that in the end, he found that even when all the sloppy science had been addressed, it still pointed to global warming as human-induced, only now it was based on more solid scientific data.  However, the work did not examine such aspects as ocean activity, to which they are now turning their attention.

   Article Review (original is NYT, requiring access): Los Angeles Times article