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Human Conflict

The Russia- Ukraine Conflict

For many people,it has been unthinkable that in the 21st century, a European country could be invaded. But on February 24, 2022, that is exactly what happened - Russia invaded Ukraine.  As a church, we uphold the Worth of All Persons and the Pursuit of Peace (Shalom) throughout the world, as stated by the First Presidency in commenting on the conflict and our call for peaceful solutions.

Here in Canada, we have at least one congregation (Saskatoon) actively trying to help sponsor refugees fleeing from Ukraine.  They have been in touch with someone from Ukraine, with family there.  This person has written of her situation, one that is poignant  in such dire circumstances - there is no sensationalism, you can get that everywhere now in the media, but simply ordinary life uprooted with fear, caring, kindness mixed into an unknown future (you can read the PDF here).